Whispering Meadows…

​I was walking to pick up fruits when I felt I heard someone calling out to me,the voice was more of a whisper but i forced my mind to listen to it.I paused in my steps,widen my ears like a rabbit’s & sharpened my vision. Letting go of all my anxieties and the voices in my head that insist i run away but then i could swear with the innocence my mother  conceived me with that the voices were coming out from the meadow and now I could hear it so dame clearly,they were whispering and i had to pause my heart to listen to them calling out to me’Doohemba’. For a moment or two there I thought i was dreaming, I had to pinch my self over and over again to waken my self from it if it was a dream and then I heard it again and suddenly like a force beyond my control I dashed into the meadow… They were taller than any i had ever seen,,covered under the wings of the sun they looked like gold.I reached out my hands to feel its beautiful colour and tender skin. I walked further into them paving a path for my self. Then suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my foot, I bend to see it caught by the meadow,trying to get free from it the other got caught up as well and almost immediately I felt my body bending like the trees bending to the wind. I opened my mouth to scream but couldnt; I had lost my voice. I felt my back shattered as it met the ground…. And then the meadow began covering me,were they burying me? Suddenly realising it I let go of the lump that had formed in my throat and screamed in a way that could be heard in the highest heavens before my mouth was finally covered. The only thought that was on my mind were that of the one I love… One who gave strenght to my arms, power to my feet and a bone to my heart. I wanted her thought to be the companion that will usher me to the great beyond. But then, her thoughts revived the strenght she had bestowed me with and it made me struggle with all the strenght i could muster, cursing and sputtering and just when i could fight no more I felt them giving way and setting me free. I stood back in readiness should in case they are playing pranks at me and then I heard the voices whispering again.. I didnt waited to identify the word. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and i could swear i turn to see them running after me and that was when I couldnt take it anymore…. I opened my eyes to behold my body in a pool of sweat.


The Nightmare

I didn’t sleep soundly the previous night because it rained all night. The thatched roof of the hut was leaking. The hut was among other six in the compound that was the Corper’s lodge in the lonely rural area of Zakibiam. It was surrounded by bush that could have been passed for a forest.
I lie calmly in my bed with a blanket over my head patiently waiting as I counted my heartbeat knowing full well that my eyelids will soon close completely and send me to a dreamland. It did shut but it must been almost immediately that I opened it again. I was awakened by a faint voice that was more of a whisper but still I heard it. Then it came again, this time sounding like brisk wind. Whatever that was, it succeeded in getting my eyes cleared of any sleep that got me intoxicated. I lay still now, listening to the sound. I lied on my back staring at the roof. The room was so dark that I could hardly make out any object in it. I couldn’t even remember where I had put my phone that I would have used to see in the dark.
Just when I was trying to relax, I jerked from the bed as a sound escaped my mouth. I heard my name been pronounced in the darkness. It was very close to my ears. I waved my hand in the air to see if I could come in contact with whoever was playing tricks at me. I found nothing but something dropped at the other side I knew the window was. The window was closed so there was no way light could pour into the room. The sound of whatever that fell sent the hairs on my skin standing erect and had my breath caught in my chest and suspended. It was a cold night but even without touching my forehead, I felt it was crowded with beads of perspiration. It was confirmed when a bead fell into my eyes; it was as though pepper was poured into them.
The silence in the room was deafening to the point that it felt as though drums were been beating in the room, and then I saw it coming!
I couldn’t make out what it was. All I can say is that it was shapeless and formless. I knew it couldn’t be any other thing but a monster. The monster had long fingers on its hands and it was coming towards me. It was not walking for I saw it moving as though it was moving on air. I leaned against the wall supporting my bed that it could have been mistaken for a comforter. When I couldn’t take it anymore was when the monster tried to cover me with a thick black blanket it carried in its hands. I screamed and ran out of the room in frenzy. I couldn’t tell how I found the door.
I met a yard that was dead of activities. There was nothing in sight. The moonless night made it seems as though I was in a bottomless pit. It took me a moment or two to realize I was on fours and panting like a dog only that my tongue was not out. Scared, I began to crawl to a place I ascertain to be safe.
I had crawled for a few yards when my hands touched something that was as slippery as an eel, taking it to be a snake I screamed and must have fainted for when I opened my eyes I found myself on a hospital bed where I learn I was brought down with a high fever and must have been hallucinating, but it felt so real I could have given my soul to say otherwise.