Whispering Meadows…

​I was walking to pick up fruits when I felt I heard someone calling out to me,the voice was more of a whisper but i forced my mind to listen to it.I paused in my steps,widen my ears like a rabbit’s & sharpened my vision. Letting go of all my anxieties and the voices in my head that insist i run away but then i could swear with the innocence my mother  conceived me with that the voices were coming out from the meadow and now I could hear it so dame clearly,they were whispering and i had to pause my heart to listen to them calling out to me’Doohemba’. For a moment or two there I thought i was dreaming, I had to pinch my self over and over again to waken my self from it if it was a dream and then I heard it again and suddenly like a force beyond my control I dashed into the meadow… They were taller than any i had ever seen,,covered under the wings of the sun they looked like gold.I reached out my hands to feel its beautiful colour and tender skin. I walked further into them paving a path for my self. Then suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my foot, I bend to see it caught by the meadow,trying to get free from it the other got caught up as well and almost immediately I felt my body bending like the trees bending to the wind. I opened my mouth to scream but couldnt; I had lost my voice. I felt my back shattered as it met the ground…. And then the meadow began covering me,were they burying me? Suddenly realising it I let go of the lump that had formed in my throat and screamed in a way that could be heard in the highest heavens before my mouth was finally covered. The only thought that was on my mind were that of the one I love… One who gave strenght to my arms, power to my feet and a bone to my heart. I wanted her thought to be the companion that will usher me to the great beyond. But then, her thoughts revived the strenght she had bestowed me with and it made me struggle with all the strenght i could muster, cursing and sputtering and just when i could fight no more I felt them giving way and setting me free. I stood back in readiness should in case they are playing pranks at me and then I heard the voices whispering again.. I didnt waited to identify the word. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and i could swear i turn to see them running after me and that was when I couldnt take it anymore…. I opened my eyes to behold my body in a pool of sweat.


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Doohemba is a novelist who began his writing career in 2010. He currently has six manuscript. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors- Kano State branch. His genre of writing includes novels, short stories and a little of poetry. He writes on religion, race, people, society and life in general.

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